EduFrat Overview

EduFrat is a user friendly global Educational Institution Fraternity directory or search engine that helps to find list of best School, College, Elementary/ Nursery/ Daycare/ Pre-school and University nearby within localities.

EduFrat is incorporated with advanced tools which facilitate users to seamlessly examine and explore characteristics of educational institutions within the vicinity as well as globally. It is a customised platform which, not only aims to help students/ parents but also management (Director and Administrator). While users look for best establishments; administrations have the privilege to review their status and have the opportunity to improve facility thus, moving up in the ranking.

  • Benefits-Arrow Advanced Search Tools: Locate the best institutions in your neighbourhood by ransacking through a list of educational establishments with sophisticated search preferences.
  • Benefits-Arrow Quick and Efficient Results: Avoid scrolling though randomly arranged lists of institutions. EduFrat is programed with automated algorithms to display all educational establishments accordingly by identifying substantial keywords in the entered phrase from the search bar.
  • Benefits-Arrow Highly Secure: EduFrat is designed never to track users searches or record users IP address, yet provides users with elevated control over the search information.
  • Benefits-Arrow Easy Access: EduFrat simplifies search, exploration, and communication, thus granting users an uncomplicated desktop as well as mobile-friendly interface.
  • Benefits-Arrow Highly Reliable: EduFrat conducts thorough analyses into every educational foundation before laying out establishments information to users. This, safeguards users from fake and manipulative institutions.
  • Benefits-Arrow Resourceful: The educational foundations which appear on EduFrat are extensively elaborated, described and arranged according to the preferences. This helps users in acquiring brief overview about the institutions.