About EduFrat

EduFrat is A1 stand-out online Search Engine to locate educational institutions, exclusively programmed with amenable and adaptable tasks. It undoubtedly aids in finding the best of private and state institutions within the vicinity and nationally; thus, giving top to bottom insights on all preschools, primary and secondary schools, colleges, universities. The platform is sophisticatedly fabricated to enable its users to seamlessly analyze reviews, compare organizations and even converse with authorities from various establishments while enquiring about enlistments and enrollments.

Keeping in mind the end goal to set up an aspirable society, education is absolutely vital among the young. The world is flourishing to achieve those norms by putting tremendous investments into education division. Quality academics shapes eventual fate of students but, finding institutions which ensure complete mental and physical development of students rather than simply focusing on subject perspective, is difficult and tiresome. And is the very reason that drove us to create EduFrat platform; to impart essential information about all educational institutions!

The aim of EduFrat is very simple: to supply its users with all necessary search tools while he/she is looking to gather information on schools/ colleges/ universities.

EduFrat is reputed for providing the most dependable database and comprehensive information about every global institution. Additionally, it is integrated with ERP application to manage establishments, at user’s choice.

EduFrat provides Map help for full-see on both smartphones and computers if one intends to perform detailed nitty-gritty hunt near-by educational foundations with particular highlights or, acquire location details

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